Tradesman and Architect at Construction

Why is

STEAM²IE™ needed?

To prepare marginalized residents with skills for next century jobs and careers to spark economic mobility

To match opportunity with preparedness  in institutions and  communities

To create a talent cultivation pipeline to fill workforce shortages in STEAM related careers

To contribute to regional economic development by growing entrepreneurs and talent for growing sectors

STEAM²IE™ studios

Man Welding

The Metal Studio

The Metal Studio will offer access to entry level training in metal works to advanced welding. Artist and  careers seekers  in  welding will have access to the latest technology for computer navigated equipment.  The Naval Welding Institute, will serve as the anchor training organization.


The Paynter Family Wood Studio 

The Paynter Family Wood Studio will feature the latest technology in manufacturing with wood.  Members will have access to the latest technology in routers, laser cutters, and more.  Members of all skill levels will learn the art and business of wood working such as furniture making and cabinetry.

Colorful yarn

The Textile Studio

The Textile Studio will feature state of art computer navigated sewing and embroidery machines. Members of all skill levels will have access to classes and workshops for design, clothes making and more.

3D Printing

The 3D Printing Studio

The 3D Printing Studio will offer introductory courses in understanding and using 3D printers and scanners. Once members advance through the training program, they will be able to use the 3D printing equipment to create anything from small toys to useful everyday devices

Electronic Wires

The Electronics Studio

The Electronics Studio will allow members to learn about all facets of creating electronics from Printed Circuit Board design to robotics. Members will have access to tools to help build their ideas 

Homemade Skin Care

The Personal Care

Products Studio

The Commercial Kitchen will offer access to equipment, ingredients, and storage to beauty and personal care brands looking to develop the next wave of innovative products in the beauty industry

Music Recording Studio

The Science of

Sounds Studio

The Science of Sounds Studio will offer access to classes and equipment for music and sound creators to explore and produce.  This Studio will introduce members to science and technology of digital music production.  


The Coding

Class Rooms

The Coding Class Rooms will serve as training centers to learn computer skills at all levels such as coding, cyber security training, and software development.  Youth and community members will benefit from having training that decreases the digital divide.

Coworking Space

The Innovation


The Innovation Lounge  is a members only co-working space that will offer rental offices and meeting space for small businesses.  Connections that spark innovations and iterations for product design and business development happen in this space.