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Community Transformation Partners, a non-profit Community Development Corporation, exists to support real estate development partners in implementing initiatives and programs that promote public health, holistic wellness and economic mobility for racial and cultural groups who have been historically marginalized. We operate from the premise that all people and places have the potential to transform when included in an intentional process that seeks to design sustainable healthy communities.  

Our platform curates diverse programs and initiatives that liberate participants from all forms of oppression. Our approaches are strength based.   Embedded within our organization is a strategic learning framework that utilizes evaluation data as inputs for continuous quality improvements. 

We envision equitable and just communities where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.


We work to impact communities that have been historically under-invested and under-developed leading to blight, risks to public health and safety, poor educational outcomes, high levels of underemployment and experienced biases in housing and banking policies.  We respect the resiliency of people even when their neighborhoods do not provide for their basic needs.  We want to eradicate the link between quality of life and zip codes. Our social impact mission requires co-redesigning places (blocks, neighborhoods and communities) so that residents have opportunities for optimal life experiences.